10 Exquisite Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are at your beck and call through the wedding planning and event days. Gifting them isn’t necessary, but we sure do love the tradition of a thank you token expressing your gratefulness and appreciating their participation in all the moments leading to the one you’ve been waiting for.

Bridal showers, wedding shopping, errands, coordination with the cousins, the bachelorette getaway, they’ve got it all covered! We’ve curated a list of 10 gifts to show how much you appreciate just all that.


#1: Pamper Her Silly

Image Courtesy: Whitespace Spa

Spa vouchers make a great gift for a crew that’s been working since the inception of the wedding idea! Picture all the errands they have you covered for, and a couple of hours at the spa will sound apt to pamper them


#2: When in doubt, Accessorize!

Image Courtesy: Wedding Sutra

Custom made traditional clutches are a chic and useful gift at the same time. Every wedding they carry their clutch to, could remind them of yours 😉


#3: Personalise it

Image Courtesy: Pottery Barn

A personalized throw to keep to always remind them of your wedding day and how much everything she did meant to you. You could have their names or initials stitched in.


#4: Etched Until Eternity

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Engraved lockets reading a cliché like ‘today my bridesmaid, forever my friend’ will surely bring out those tears.


#5: A Girl’s Best Friend

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Jewelry is always a great gift, no matter who it comes from. A pair of delicate earrings for each of your bridesmaids would be a gift to treasure.


#6: A Walk Down Memory Lane

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A stunning framed picture of each of them captured during your wedding. You’ll need your photographer’s help with this one, but it’s absolutely doable by the last night of the wedding extravaganza.


#7: Forever Young

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A pamper your skin kit! Curate a kit of night lotions, a relaxing face mask, some under eye cream to work for all those long nights spent with you and a scent for your bridesmaids.


#8: Yours Truly

Image Courtesy: Etsy

A monogrammed set of bath towels is also a long lasting present. Initial it with their names or add in yours as well.


#9: Lovenotes

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

DIY jar with personalized messages to your bridesmaids. It’s hard to remove time for your own errands, let alone a DIY project, but this one will be worth it. Put in 5 messages to each of them and fill in the jars with confetti. Cute and meaningful!


#10: Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Image Courtesy: thecelebrationsociety.com

Shoes please every girl! A pair of heels would be as great a gift on your wedding as they would on any other day.

Written By: Shilpa Mago

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