10 of the most Influential Fashionable Women in the World – Pt. 1

Who are some of the world’s most influential women? They are the smartest and toughest female business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, philanthropists and CEOs making their mark in the world today. They’re the women others idolize and they’re the ones who can voice their opinions on a global platform and actually make a difference with their words. These women today are the winners of the entire feminism argument in every house and workplace. Misandry in the name of feminism isn’t their style either.

With all that they have going on for themselves, you’d think they would be aloof with their fashion sense? That’s a strong no! From being power dressed to being style icons, they leave a mark with more than just their words everywhere they go. Like everybody, we have a list of our favourites.


#1: Maharani Gayatri Devi

Maharani Gayatri Devi, was the third Maharani consort of Jaipur from 1940 to 1949, through her marriage to Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II.

Gayatri Devi was previously titled the world’s most beautiful woman by Vogue magazine, and for good reason. She was a timeless beauty and a major style icon in India and around the world. For the most part her style was more traditional and close to her roots, with a chiffon sari, a string of pearls and not one hair out of place being her most frequent look. One of India’s leading fashion designers Sabyasachi Mukherjee drew creative insights from the Maharani’s style and created a special collection of saris that he showcased in a coffee table book.

Right after independence, she became a strong political figure in India and started several schools in and around Jaipur, for girls.

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#2: Chanda Kochhar

Chanda Kochhar, the Managing Director and CEO of the largest private-sector lender, ICICI, is known for her valuable contribution in shaping the retail banking sector in India.

Her sense of style goes to show how power dressing and simplicity compliment each other. Crisp and neatly pinned silk and cotton saris with selected ornament pieces present her oh so confident and unpretentious in this web of the corporate world she is a part of.

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#3: Nita Ambani

The chairperson and founder of Reliance Foundation, the CSR division of Reliance Industries is also a co-owner of the Indian Premier League Cricket Team Mumbai Indians. Nita Ambani led the ‘Education for All’ or EFA initiative that reached over 70,000 underprivileged children and created awareness for education. In August 2016, she was the first Indian woman to be elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by a Swiss-based panel.

Nita Ambani is quite a trend-setter too. Her appealing wardrobe, handbags and accessories have attracted a large social circle of businesswomen. This powerful businesswoman has been featured on the cover of many leading magazines.

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#4: Marissa Mayer

Marissa Ann Mayer is an American Information Technology executive and until recently, the president and CEO of Yahoo!.

The most fashionable woman in this Corporate-tech world is usually in A-line dresses complimenting her figure with a pair of conventional heels. Marissa Mayer has stunned the New York Fashion Week and Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year event!

Image Courtesy: Penn State University


#5: Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi, an Indian American businesswoman is the current CEO of the second largest global food and beverage company by net revenue, PepsiCo. Along with being a an influential and power packed business executive, Nooyi serves as an Honorary Co-Chair for the World Justice Project. The World Justice Project works to lead a global, multidisciplinary effort to strengthen the Rule of Law for the development of communities of opportunity and equity.

Her personal style is that of a perfectionist’s. Well tailored suits, formal dark colours, a unique cut collar with a classic set of pearls screams power dressed! She does add that occasional colourful scarf to accessorize certain days. Indra Nooyi is the perfect example of a woman dressed to kill in the corporate world.

Image Courtesy: Pepsi Co


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Written By: Shilpa Mago

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