7 Innovative Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

A day to celebrate one of the most special people in your life, Father’s Day ! For a man who shaped you and transformed you into the capable person that you are today, Father’s Day is just another excuse to show how you appreciate and cherish your dad.

If you want to take it up a notch and show how grateful you are by gifting something innovative and quirky yet symbolic, then we’ve got you covered!

Here are 7 gift ideas for Father’s Day:


#1: Dad’s Stache

This is the easiest of all and requires almost little to no prep! It’s the perfect last minute gift idea yet personalised. You can opt for a jar or a tool box and fill it in with your dad’s favourite candies and drinks amongst other essential tidbits! It’s like your own personalised goodie bag… And no one can go wrong with a goodie bag!

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#2: Shave it off!

If your father is a proud member of the beard club or just likes to get pampered , this might be the perfect find for you! A shaving set with multiple face products including a range of lathered and scented goods that meet almost every need!

Image Courtesy: Maison Lambert, Dollar Shave Club, Dr. Carver’s, Wanderer, Boogie’s, Man Cave Inc


#3: Concert Tickets

Treat your father to his favourite concert or gig. Maybe he’s into ghazals or metal or country or even sports, whatever it is, there’s always a concert or event to celebrate it! So show that you care  about his likes and dislikes by getting him the front row for his favourite artist and gift him tickets to a night he won’t forget!

Image Courtesy: Straits Times


#4: Mini Reunion

Depending on how old or young your father may be, there’s a chance he misses his buddies from school or college! You could take home the prize for most thoughtful daughter/son if you manage to put together a mini reunion for your old man! Hit up a few of his long lost mates and invite them over to recreate some of their favourite memories!

Image Courtesy: Dominic Monaghan


#5: Coupons

Another way to make your loved one feel a little extra special especially if you’re on the younger or broke side of the spectrum is by giving away these coupons! All you need to do is take some card stock and cut it down to the size of a wallet, decorate it and get as creative as your heart desires ! Finally put up offers on the coupons! Which could range from “DINNER ON THE HOUSE” so when your dad decided to cash in that coupon, you get to make him dinner of his choice ! The offers may range from “An uninterrupted nap”  to “you get to remote control for a week” so he no longer needs to fight with you and your sibling to watch the show of his choice! It’s a fun little game to play within the family!

Image Courtesy: West Valley City Mom’s Blog


#6: Recreate Old Photos

As of late , there has been this trend going around Instagram, where kids recreate their old photos and it moves their parents to tears. So why not gather up your siblings and recreate  a few pictures from when y’all were really young to show your father how times haven’t changed and that he’ll always be your super hero!

Image Courtesy: Huffington Post


#7: Dad Jokes

If you and your dad have one of those relationships where y’all love to prank each other and just can’t keep calm. Then we have the perfect find for you jokesters ! Gift your father a very witty shirt or hilarious board game to make family game nights even more fun!

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Written By: Simran Shah

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