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A Bachelor of Hearts: Degree in Disaster Management

It’s your tinsel-tainted, fairy-tale moment of truth. The *drumroll* product of your love story but also of your sweat and tears. Months of lulling over lust-worthy dresses and lilies and locations – you think you have control over it all.

But no bride check list can be complete without an A+ grade in disaster management.

We all hope it’ll never happen to us – but what if it does? Do you want to be standing there stranded, or with the ‘I’ve got this!’ attitude.


We can promise it’s the latter.

So amongst all the wedding chitter-chatter

Here’s a few things to watch out for that really matter-


#1: A Twisted Tiff With The Weather Gods

Beachside properties, palaces, vineyards, terraces – all these soul-stirring venues have one thing in common – the great outdoors! With skies opening up a window to the stars and views with heart-wrenching hues, we are all for outdoor weddings.

BUT what if you wake up on your grand wedding day without the weather Gods on your side? What happens to the withering peonies and calla lilies; the dainty decor and white day beds; the band set-up and stages; your perfectly styled hair!!!

In this unfortunate medley of chaos – you could always have a plan B venue ready as back-up. But indoor banquets are verging on lame! Instead, we recommend you –

  • Let it rain colours, not complaints! Have vibrant umbrellas available. Lighten the mood and make it a myriad of happy photo ops
  • Have a covered shelter so people can take respite, get dry and back in the groove.
  • Have a masala chai, pakoda and coffee counter so nobody catches a chill!


#2: Gate Crashers

Every wedding has them – you can’t escape it! Some are friends of friends, some kids, some plus ones and some random people who somehow think it’s alright to show up unannounced and more importantly – uninvited!

Your guest list is so sealed that it’s difficult to anticipate, but always keep a buffer in your minimum guarantee of food and cocktails for an extra headcount. You don’t want to run out of your mimosas and macarons because these guys got their hands on them first.

Bottom line – don’t let a handful of guests ruin your night! They probably came there with good intentions. Let your caterer or a bridesmaid handle it. You just do you!


#3: Vanity On Fleek!

Afraid of your couture lehenga getting stained while you cut your cake? Your shoes pinching you while you dance on stage? That the weather change will give you a last minute skin breakout? That someone will ace the colour combination you have planned for your mehendi outfit and just walk away with your thunder? Hold your horses!

Entrust your sister or your bestie to have a survival kit by their side or within close reach at all times. Lipstick, compact, hair clips, safety pins, eye drops, a handkerchief – the whole arsenal.

Like The Stylease has suggested before – try on your entire outfits, accessories included – multiple times before your wedding day. Walk around in them, dance in them until you’ve broken into all those new shoes and no part of your embroidered choli still pinches.

Fashion disasters can throw you right out of your comfort zone – somewhere you definitely don’t want to be on your biggest day.

Image Courtesy: Vogue India


#4: B O R E D Guests

Maybe a slideshow of photos was interesting to you or your 2 hour long sangeet performance meant the world to your family, but that doesn’t mean all your guests are engaged and entertained.

One of the biggest disasters of a wedding is unhappy guests.

But our solution? You’ve done your bit! Don’t sweat it out. Those who love you will be so engrossed in your celebrations, they won’t have time to bored. The disinterested ones are likely the distant relatives or gate-crashers and you can’t be too concerned about them.

Just be mindful – people have come a long way and put in a lot of effort to be there for you. So make sure you greet them well and check in on them occasionally. Bored can’t be helped – but frustrated because they didn’t get a slice of your time is easily avoidable.


#5: Here Come The Budget Police

Don’t let your post-wedding maldives mini-moon be destroyed by the trauma of exorbitant bills. One of the most terrifying wedding disasters is getting so tied up in the festivities that you lose track of that budget you had once crafted so carefully and pinky sworn to follow.

The booze runs out – so you call for the best champagne at 5 star rates. Or your guests over sleep the last night and cost you a late check-out fee. These might seem small but when we talk volumes and 500 guests, we’ve got a problem!

We suggest you assign a dedicated somebody from the hotel staff or even a close cousin who is the point person for all decisions related to finances on ground. Give the bartenders an absolute max number of bottles they can open and subtly let your guests know that their room service is on them!

Small measures can save you big bucks. More savings to spend shopping on your next vacation and renting out the best of fashion from us, of course!



So be prepared, be confident, you go gurrrrrl. let’s slay

Ace these disasters the Stylease way.

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