You know she’s going to want to strike those romantic poses

Make you hold props and pout, even lie in a bed of roses

But how can you refuse – this shoot is her dream come true

At least pick the right outfits, so you can enjoy it too!


#1: Cool x Casual

This is going to be a long day – location changes, takes and retakes, waiting for the sunset to lend the right lighting, camera set-ups, settling into that chemistry and so much more! Letting go during a photo is important to tell your story – so comfort becomes key.

That’s why we’ve picked this white button-down kurta and linen pants by Sarab Khanijou for you. Lose but refined and casual but crisp – You won’t need to refrain from giving into her wild whims and serious photo goals in this ensemble. Paired with kolhapuris, this is a perfect pick for your day keeping it cool in front of the camera.

Rent: Rs. 1,500



#2: One for the ages

Like it or not – your kids and grandkids will all be judging your fashion etiquette by your choice of outfits in these photos for years to come! As eternal as the bond you are about to embark on – pick a colour & shape that won’t fade out of style any time soon.

Weaving stories with sentiments – this ivory cotton kurta with white, gold and maroon threadwork is a Stylease Exclusive and truly transcends time. Pair this outfit with brown juttis to add that formal edge.

The perfect muse to a palace backdrop or even a gorgeous garden or mountainside – she’ll be thrilled to have her hubby-to-be in this breathtaking piece!

Rent: Rs. 2,500



#3: It ain’t easy being cheesy!

We know that for guys, being matching and coordinating colours is not really top of mind! But we can’t stress how important it is to complement each other’s colour choices to get these photos right!

Whether it’s both picking metallics or pastels or glistening sequin or stripes – choosing your outfits from the same family of colours & patterns establishes a tone of harmony.

A classic silver or dust-finish will match her pastels perfectly or even compliment her sequin lehenga. A stark red will go well with her red or gold – a purple well with white or a shade of lilac. It’s important to try these on together in advance so that your photos tell a coherent story and the outfits don’t clash.

We’ve got your back! Check out these Stylease pieces that you could consider to check colour-coordination off the list!

Rent: Rs. 3,500

Rent: Rs. 3,500

Rent: Rs. 3,500


#4: Bespoke & Bright

Breed life into your photo frames with a bright choice of colours. Most men tend to go vague when the conversation about hues and shades comes up. But you must know that bold colours speak volumes about your sentiment – confident, happy, relaxed, excited!

Our exclusively tailored Emerald Green & Black Sherwani brags of a fresh sense of style, a unique blend of texture and dashing colour – bringing some dapper swag to any dull day. This outfit has the potential to light up any frame with edgy, western slim pants; yet bring an earthy, ethnic aura with its textured fabric & kardana embroidery.

Rent: Rs. 3,500


#5: The Finishing Touch of Tradition

There’s nothing more strapping than the sight of a man who lets the subtle sense of tradition creep into his style file. While she puts in the effort to go all out Indian in her cascading lehengas, jaded sarees and jadau jewellery – there is no reason why you should be allowed to get away.

Especially if you’ve chosen a historic setting for your shoot – an old monument, palace grounds, a desert or a temple – make sure you have one of our traditional outfits handy.

Our Black jacquard fabric Sherwani contrasted with maroon buttons and collar embroidery pays heed to Indian craftsmanship & praise-worthy sartorial spirit.

Rent: Rs. 3,500


So dabble in some dapper, throw on your very best – let’s put your love & chemistry to the test.

Get ready to say cheese while her dress flutters in the breeze

To mimic some pinterest photos – or else you’ll be going solo!


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Written By: Aradhana Mahtani

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