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Bridal hair preparation

A lot of brides think styling your hair would make it look perfect on your big day but that’s not the case usually! To have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair in the lead up to the wedding, one needs to prepare for it way in advance. We cannot emphasize how necessary it is to have the perfect hair that goes with your wedding outfit and believe us, subsequently, everything will fall in place. Every girl would agree, nothing goes wrong on a good hair day! Here’s a pre-wedding hair care timeline on when you should start prepping for that dreamy hair day and don’t worry if you’re hopping on the ride, mid-way. It’s totally fine!

  • 6 months prior

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A hair trial at your selected hairdressers should be done 6 months before the wedding. This will confirm the style, color, and length and will help you get on track for achieving the look that you want. If you want to test a new hair color, now is the time to do it – if you hate it, you have plenty of time to change it or grow it back. Let all those experiments happen in the initial stage itself.  If your experiment has won your heart, you know what to embrace, if not, as we said, you can outgrow it!

  • 3 months prior- Start with your vitamins

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Our hair needs little love, care, and devotion. Vitamin deficiency can cause dull and brittle hair and no one wants that on their wedding day! Duh!  Taking a few supplements will make those difficult strands a thing of the past.

Zinc is good for your hair as well as your nails and skin. Home tips for the bridal hair preparation include eating food such as oysters, nuts, chicken and yogurt are full of zinc (or you can take a supplement!). We also recommend eating food rich in Vitamin B, such as avocados, nuts, eggs, and quinoa. Vitamin B is responsible for keeping your hair thick, help it grow and preventing it from breaking.

  • Hair-day

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If you want to grow your hair for your big day, then getting a haircut every 7 to 10 weeks is recommended that will ensure that you get rid of split ends and frizziness in your hair. Doing it months prior would help you get that perfect look on your D-day. Protect your hair at any cost- For some time, avoid any heating products and make sure you are using shampoos and conditioners that are mild and do not have any harsh chemicals in it, that will further damage your hair making it look dry and rough.

  • One month prior

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Now is the perfect time to meet your hairstylist again and get your hair done. Don’t go for any impulsive decisions, just stick to what you had planned for, with one month for the wedding there’s no time for your hair to grow back in case something goes down!

  • 2 weeks prior

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Go for hair spa or in-salon deep conditioning, which will treat your hair to be better! These treatments don’t just coat the hair they actually push much-needed nutrients further into the hair follicles, restoring moisture.

  • 1 week prior

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Get your final color exactly 1 week before your big day, so the color will have its time to complement you, remember not a few days before! This means that it will give your hair the time it needs to settle and also gives you enough time to make any changes needed.

Your hair stylist should give your hair a final trim a week before, taking away all the split ends without compromising the length!

  • On-day care

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Let this be the most important thing of the entire wedding day hair timeline, DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR ON-DAY. Always wash them a day before and let them settle,  you don’t want something too frizzy or too flat. Hair on point is not only good for your look, it also makes you feel confident and not think twice before striking a pose. This will probably be the day, your hair will be exposed to all sorts of hair products, let it. You have pampered them all this while for this day and eventually, after a few days, let your hair have a detox.

Smile, look pretty, flip your hair, let no one steal your thunder and remember, perfect hair doesn’t existttttttttttttttttttttt……

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