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Dear Destination Wedding… All the do’s & don’ts you’ve got to dodge! – Pt. 2

Part 2 – The Don’t’s

Making your vows with the wind in your hair

Or below a palace chandelier

In a church with painted stained-glass walls

Or beneath the stars when the night falls


Destination weddings are a dream-come-true

But not without the endless planning you’ve to do

Preparations are everything,

It’s only just begun when you say ‘Yes!’ to the ring.


Weddings far-from-home in exotic wonderland can be stunning but also overwhelming and utterly stressful. We want the journey to your big day to be heavenly, not a headache. And we promise we’re here to help.

Here are our 12 must-knows for your upcoming destination wedding:


#1: Do not Sweat the small stuff!

Glitches are common and more often than not you’re the only one who noticed them! Remember, your guests didn’t know what you had planned in the first place – so if the your hairstyle fell apart, the cake was brought out at the wrong time, the flowers were the wrong colour or the after party moved indoors because it was too cold – it’s OK. Put things in perspective – these are all minor in comparison to the larger things that went right – you found the love of your life and you get to celebrate your bond with all the people you love in a place that tugs your heart.


#2: Do not forget the elderly folk

Don’t get so intertwined in picking someplace exotic that you forget the constraints of the people aching to see you celebrate more than anyone – the elders in your family! They might find beaches too hot or cliff sides too difficult to get to. Keep them in mind while picking venues and make sure you account for special assistance and food options to their taste.

Image Courtesy: Tanishq


#3: Ka-ching!

Try not to play the numbers game – While it’s important you save money & keep a tab on expenses, we advise you set a budget at the very get-go and prioritise what you want to splurge on – our recommendation: making sure you look like your every fairytale and ensuring your guests enjoy the food! Once you’ve set these expectations, go all out on a hunt for the very best you can possibly find. Don’t count each penny because that’ll take out all the fun – but definitely prioritise your expenses. Here’s a little sneak peak of unexpected costs that could come up:

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


#4: Go with the flow but learn to say no!

Very, very important – Do not get carried away and overdo it! One of the advantages of planning a destination wedding is that often times the location is so gorgeous that you don’t even need to splurge on the decor department or on unnecessary entertainment –  just let the location’s natural setting and beauty shine through.

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#5: Don’t let anyone dictate your invite list

Especially pressure from parents about extended family and friends or returning favours. The biggest perk of shipping of your festivities is being able to take just your closest few along and not worry about the hassles of meeting and greeting guests who are likely just there for the entertainment! So be ruthless, you have our full permission. Don’t worry – we’ve got a little guide to help you decide –

Image Courtesy: HuffPost


#6: DO NOT be bridezilla!

Your bridesmaids are your rock and your whole support system. Don’t let there be a moment you forget that. They’ve watched your entire love story unfold and it brings tears to their eyes to see you so happy. They have been here in the past, they will hold your hand as you walk into the mandap and they will be there for all the years to come. So do not give them a tough time when small things don’t go your way. Dance it out, drink it out, and hug the hiccups away!

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So here’s your little cheat sheet and once you’ve got this down

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Written By: Aradhana Mahtani


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