Dear Destination Wedding… All the do’s & don’ts you’ve got to dodge! – Pt. 1

Part 1 – The Do’s

Making your vows with the wind in your hair

Or below a palace chandelier

In a church with painted stained-glass walls

Or beneath the stars when the night falls


Destination weddings are a dream-come-true

But not without the endless planning you’ve to do

Preparations are everything,

It’s only just begun when you say ‘Yes!’ to the ring.


Weddings far-from-home in exotic wonderland can be stunning but also overwhelming and utterly stressful. We want the journey to your big day to be heavenly, not a headache. And we promise we’re here to help.

Here are our 12 must-knows for your upcoming destination wedding:


#1. Leave no room for fashion fiascos!

This is YOUR time to shine so be prepared as a princess. Try out your entire ensemble peacefully for each festivity in advance back home. We’re talking not just the outfit, but along with the shoes, the hair accessories, the jewellery and the bag you plan to wear it with. Walk around and make sure you’re comfortable in it – hassle free and ready to rage! This will save you time and headspace on the day you want to minus the logistics and multiply the love.


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#2. Timing is key!

With all the clutter of wedding season – Make sure you give your guests (and yourself) enough advance notice. Send out save the dates early so nobody has an excuse to miss your big day! Also a sealed date gives you a little something to countdown to… to dream and muse over. Marking your calendar and your time to shine!

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#3. Pick a place with the least possible logistics

Don’t let the wedding be a flop in the quest for just a great backdrop. Remember this might be a once-in-a-lifetime for you. But your guests have to maneuver work schedules, visas and vacation days specially for you. So why not make it easy on them? We know magic and dream-like is key, but the less far-flung, the fewer connecting flights, the better. Optimising logistics also means going for local vendors – those who know the culture, the weather, are reputable, reliable and can negotiate the best deals. This saves you shipping items back & forth and a whole lot of coordination for a bride’s time is much too precious!


#4. Mood out a la Mode

Ensure sure your outfits make for a seamless silhouette with the backdrop. Royal heritage venues spell jadau jewellery, cascading embellished lehengas, heavenly hues; whereas beach weddings carry a whiff of light cottons, floral embroidery, easy-breezy separates and statement accessories. So choose a venue that suits your personality and then choose outfits that suit the venue! You don’t want to be dragging around a heavy dupatta around the beach or do injustice to palace wall carvings by wearing a cotton dress. We know you get the drift!

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#5. Take advantage of the place!

By this we mean, come in early and capture the love locked in the walls of your wedding venue. Bring your photographer and do a pre-wedding photo shoot. These photos will stand as a timeless prelude to your picture-perfect wedding and gives you a chance to explore your chemistry with just the two of you before your guests come in. You can’t tick off your destination wedding do’s without this one!

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#6. We love that local flavour!

You can’t say ‘I do’ in a place but not let its local flavour lap you up. With this in mind, we suggest you intertwine some culture of your exotic destination into your wedding rituals. When in north India – shake your shoulders to the dhol, when in Hawaii distribute some hay tutus and tiaras, when in Abu Dhabi – show ‘em to the sheeshas, when in Rajasthan let the tabla players echo the walls of the palace! Share this flavour with your guests to make it once-in-a-lifetime for all!

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So here’s your little cheat sheet and once you’ve got this down

All you’re missing is a Stylease lehenga and the perfect cocktail gown!

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Stay tuned for Part 2!


Written By: Aradhana Mahtani

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