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Foods to eat and avoid for your wedding day

Eating right and the right amount days before the day of your wedding is very important so that you don’t bloat with a tired face while all the guests greet you. Beauty comes from within, 100% true. Brides who adhere to this old adage know the drill.  No matter how tempting it might get, following a certain diet before and during the wedding is an unsaid rule that’s important.

By eating right, we also mean that it should start as early as possible. Eating a week before the wedding won’t give you the results on the wedding day magically so make sure you start eating healthy at least 6 months prior.  Here’s a list of food that you can avoid and have which will set you on the right track:

What you should eat:

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As a fan of the slow and steady approach, we would like to throw major importance on the fact that your skin won’t look radiant if you don’t take care of it at least 6 months before your big day. Plan your diet and exercise action keeping this in mind.

Eat a lot of nuts, fatty fish and seeds for glowing skin. Essential fats, in particular, will help to keep your skin cells plump and hydrated. Some of us may not like nuts but there’s no denying that they are the best friends for your skin. Walnuts, quinoa, chia seeds, and flax seeds are your saviors here. Keeping yourself hydrated is another underrated key factor that needs attention too. Every day after you wake up, keep a habit of drinking water, tea like green tea; having curd, lassi, and buttermilk in the middle of the day works too.

Always have something with more color which means fruits and vegetables. More the number of fruits you have in a day, the better it will be like watermelons, apples, citrus, tomatoes, all kinds of berries, papaya, kiwi that are also great to nosh on the pre-wedding day. Green leafy vegetables can do wonders for you like spinach, lettuce and other vegetables that have a cooling effect like cucumber, sweet potatoes, zucchini, sprouts, and lemons.

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What to eat before your wedding that won’t make you bloated includes one age-old tip that is to have small meals rather than big meals. Have oats, poached egg on whole wheat toast for breakfast, salmon for lunch and peanut butter sandwich for dinner, keeping it light. Your wedding day food includes snacks which you can crunch in between these meals like almonds, dark chocolate chips, whole grain cereal which you can even carry around in small snack bags.

The last thing you want is to be standing there feeling so hungry and stressed and tired that you can’t even enjoy yourself. The goal is to fuel your body with food that lets blood-sugar levels rise slowly, stay even for a long period of time, and go down slowly. A great way to do this is to kick off your big day with a bowl of oatmeal.

If you are afraid of puffy eyes, bloating, sweating, fret not because we have got a list of things, you should be avoiding at any cost!

What to avoid: on the no-no list

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Avoid any carbonated drinks, such as sodas and seltzers which contain carbon dioxide that makes your stomach expand so that you don’t look and feel bloated. Yes, we know it’s difficult especially when you have your bachelorette planned up but try limiting your alcohol intake! (sad face)

It may be tempting to reach for comfort food like pizza or cheesy fries to soothe yourself when you’re getting ready for one of the biggest moments of your life, but fat and grease can exasperate nausea if you’re nervous because they’re harder to digest than carbs or even lean protein.

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Milk is a no-no if you are lactose intolerant. Limit your spices and caffeine intake if you want to stay dry and not get too sweaty. Eliminate anything too sugary and as much as you can avoid the sugar roller coaster and another thing is to avoid flours like rice, bread, paratha, naan and pasta.

Your caring typical mami/maasi might suggest you have beans, chana, rajma chawal on your wedding day so that you are not on your empty stomach but we would suggest you avoid them on the wedding day.

Brownie tips

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Carbs and sugar together make granola bar a decidedly less-than-healthy breakfast or snack choice which is notoriously hard to digest. Lose that pack of spearmint! Every time you chew, you’re swallowing air—and puffing up your belly. You might have heard the Queen of the United Kingdom has banned onion and garlic at Buckingham Palace which leads to bad breath so this would be something to keep in mind unless you want to be breathing garlic on your wedding day!

The jitters may be creeping in, but that is not an excuse not to eat. Start with a healthy breakfast of whole wheat toast and either eggs or peanut butter to give you energy. Have mini meals throughout the day to keep you going. You can try nuts, a small turkey sandwich, grilled chicken plus half of sweet potato, or have a piece of grilled chicken with some veggies (if they don’t bloat you). Once the wedding starts, eat some of the food at cocktail hour and definitely eat dinner. You don’t want to get hangry. Whole grain cereal and low-fat milk, a yogurt parfait with lots of fruit and even peanut butter and jelly sandwich are all great ideas to get your wedding day started right.

Written by: Shweta Sunny


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