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“If you didn’t ‘Gram it, did it really happen?” Just as we do with most of our lives, documenting the idyllic union, otherwise known as a “wedding” has almost become mandatory! As if there wasn’t enough on your platter already, adding a “theme for a wedding video” seems far from essential. But let us be the first to remind you, all your materialistic decorations and grandeur will last a day, but the memories and your wedding film will last for posterity to view and embrace. So think of your wedding film as more than just a conventional component. Now that you’ve been introduced to a whole new realm of wedding related responsibilities, we can make it all easier for you!

Here’s how to decide the theme for your wedding film:


#1: The Purpose

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Find your purpose! What is this video for?

What does it mean to you?

When you watch it after the noise and chaos is done with, what do you want to feel and take away from it?

All of these questions need to be answered for you to find the purpose of this venture.

It’s more than just a video, it’s a movie. It has a story and it has emotion. It needs to capture the essence of your being and everything you’ve wanted out of the journey that you and your partner set out on. You’re only going to get this chance once, so make all of it worthwhile and find the purpose for this wedding film.



#2: Find Your Audience

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Finding your audience is indispensable to the process of finding your theme. Although it’s not as complicated and vital as the first one, it is still important to locate your viewers.

Will you be sharing this video with your family and possibly your future kids, then it has to be a lot more censored than if you’re going to share it with your friends, where it’s allowed to be more #NSFW.



#3: The One Where It All Happened

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There are various destination options for a wedding; it could be at the beach, a lawn/park, maybe indoors in a banquet. The location of your wedding greatly influences the theme of your film. Why is it so? It’s because the location will influence the music you choose. Allow us to demonstrate with the next point.



#4: The Song

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^Probably the most important component of all. The song and location are interdependent and here’s why:

If you opt for a beach wedding, you’re likely to have a more “laid back”, “go with the flow” kind of vibe, which needs to be replicated in your wedding movie. So you’re susceptible to pick songs that are more lightweight, upbeat and quirky.

Such as:

Sugar- Maroon 5

Nach De Ne Saare- Baar Baar Dekho

Pehli Baar- Dil Dhadakne Do


Whereas if you’re throwing a more traditional, classic, red-gold color palette, royal wedding; you probably want to pick something that’s a little more heavy and manages to capture the majesty and splendor of the same.

Such as:

Dusk Till Dawn- Zayn ft. Sia

Raanjhanaa- Raanjhanaa


Then there’s the most popular, a park/garden wedding. This setting is full of opportunities! You can go minimalistic or go all out. Either way, there’s very little scope to go wrong with this one!

The song range for this type is limitless, yet, here are a few sing suggestions:

Nazm Nazm- Bareily ki Barfi

Hawaayein – Jab Harry Met Sejal

Bonfire Heart – James Blunt



We hope you found this helpful! If you did, let us know in the comments below! For more wedding and lifestyle related articles, beauty and fashion trend alerts, keeping checking out our blog.


Written By: Simran Shah

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