Get Monsoon Ready: What’s In My Bag?

Monsoon is right around the corner and as desperate as we are for the rains, dark clouds and cooler weather, there’s a bunch of style swaps, beauty tricks and life hacks that we have to follow before getting our feet wet!

Indian monsoon lasts over months and while it seems excitingly refreshing and invigorating at first, in the end, it always results in a hot and humid mess!

Fret not! We’re here with your guide to conquering monsoon by simply adding these items to your bag!

To start you off, here’s a few of our suggestions to help you select the perfect bag for this season. Ditch your fancy backpacks and cloth totes for a smaller cross body bag that is made out of any water resistant fabric ! Not only will this effectively protect your essentials from getting wet but also help you look very trendy despite the torrential down pours!

Transparent Crossbody Bag

Image Courtesy: 2020ave

Transparent Cross Body Bag

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#1: Climate Control

The humidity in the air des not work well with frizzy hair and the end result is something like this:

Image Courtesy: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

And nobody wants to look like a frizzy Monica. Well, we have the perfect solution to beat the frizz. It’s the BBLUNT CLIMATE CONTROL. This styling cream can be put in damp hair, it  works effectively and efficiently. It lets the hair retain its shape but prevents it from falling victim to the heavy humidity!

Image Courtesy: Blunt


#2: Be The Balm!

Switch out your powder make up products such as blushes for the balm versions of the same.

Powder blushes tend to fade or get streaky incase the rain hits your face. Balms , on the other hand, create a natural and subtle look. They are easy to blend and the pigment is buildable! They can out last powder blushes any time , especially in this weather.

Image Courtesy: Givenchy


#3: Waterproof Phone Case

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Our phones carry our lives. And we can’t afford for them to get wet. So, a waterproof phone case is always a must. With tons of options on the market, you can conveniently find this essential for a range of prices from high end to super affordable.

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#4: Clear Bombers

Let’s be honest, no one can survive a Mumbai Monsoon with just an umbrella, it takes a lot more than that. And if you’re wondering how to keep your clothes dry but don’t know what to pick on the spectrum from rain coats to trenches , try the clear holographic bomber! The clear plastic fabric helps to keep your shirt clean and dry  and the see through element can let you show off your cute outfit underneath!

Clear Bomber Jacket

Image Courtesy: Top Shop


#5: The Monsoon Mist

Last but not the least, no one can make a season shift without switching out their perfumes to match the weather ! The fresh and earthy scent of the environment around has to affect your fragrance collection. You can trade in your sweet and fruity bath and body products to more refreshing ones !

Our pick is an aquatic and slightly floral scent.

Image Courtesy: Issey Miyake


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Written by Simran Shah

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