Honeymoon destinations for your wedding!


July to September can be the most romantic time of the year for your honeymoon! There are a number of factors to consider before planning a holiday, other than the weather and budget. If it’s a city, you want the nightlife and food, if it’s an island, you want empty peaceful beaches and if it’s the mountains, small tucked away towns are the most romantic. You can actually plan a trip anywhere from the Indian Ocean to the South Pacific during this season.
Crowds in Europe thin down closer to September, as families are heading back for the school year, bringing prices down as well. In our opinion, some of the best honeymoon destinations in this period include the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Croatia, Maldives and the Seychelles.
If you don’t have a cap on the duration of your honeymoon, an ideal trip would include the best of all worlds, a city’s hustle, the mountains and the ocean! You can start with a city like Prague or Budapest with their stunning architecture and beautiful culture. Make Austria your next stop for its snow capped peaks and gorgeous cities hidden within the Alps. Stay on the banks of the Salzach river in Salzburg and drive up the Grossglockner Alpine road for a view of the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. The world’s largest natural ice cave and an underground salt mine are short drives away too. Next, hit Croatia for its gorgeous islands and swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split are the islands you should ideally choose from.


The alpine drive off Salzburg


The Amfora property, Hvar island, Croatia


In recent years, the weather in the UK has reached its warmest, making these months ideal for the streets of London. You can club London with road trips to places like Lake District for its relaxed hikes to some of the most serene lakes or to Scotland to experience one of the the most scenic drives there is!

Lake District, UK


Seychelles, the islands less explored are a group of majorly granite formed islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. These islands offer the perfect mix of romance and activities. From stunning hikes to isolated hidden beaches to an excellent coral life making snorkeling an experience, these islands will send you home with abundant stories. Witness the giant Aldabra tortoise, bum at beaches with powder soft sands and clear waters, take kayaks into the ocean and just be! The Anse Source d’Argent beach at La Digue island has a spot in the 21 best beaches in the world as per National Geographic.

Snorkelling in the Seychelles


The Maldives would be a short trip, yet is an ideal honeymoon destination. Splurge on an overwater villa and wake up to the waves of the Indian Ocean beneath your floor. Diving and Snorkeling in those waters is mystical. Ever cruised through deep oceans with your partner? It’s surreal! Opt for the Royal Caribbean Cruises and take a pick. They have numerous cruises to choose from. This cancels out any hassle of constant check ins at hotels in every new city and the unpacking and repacking that comes with it. You could see parts of Italy and Greece or cruise through Miami and the Bahamas. A cruise through Europe would take you to coasts like Santorini for its quaint white and blue lanes and Pisa for its leaning tower.  If budget is no constraint, the Norwegian and Alaskan cruises are surely worth considering as well!

The Bahamas


Well, these were some of our favorite choices, some tried and tested and a few researched. Make the most of the honeymoon planning though. You’ll never find the same levels of enthusiasm and willingness to splurge on future holidays 😉

Written by: Shilpa Mago

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