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How To Be The Best ‘Best Man’

If only Marvel knew better, the perfect example for ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ is indeed the Best Man.

Being selected as the Best Man is the greatest honour your friend can bestow upon you. No single thing is your job, everything under the sun, IS YOUR JOB!

Sounds intimidating? Well, it is! But don’t worry we’re here with the perfect checklist for you, The Chosen One, to make sure that all your duties as Best Man are covered.

So sit back and take notes.


#1: The Most Epic Bachelor Party

Sure, this came as no surprise! Throwing a Bachelor Party is the most fun (and stressful) part of being the Best Man! There’s a lot riding on you! You are pressured to make this night/trip the most memorable time to commemorate your buddy’s single life. It should mark the end of an era in the grandest way imaginable! You can opt the usual route of a ‘Hangover’ remake, because who can go wrong with booze and Vegas! Or you can also opt for something a little more low key, all based on your understanding of what the Groom wants.

Image Courtesy: The Hangover


#2: NO Cold Feet

We’ve seen it time and again, in ‘FRIENDS’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you name it ! Cold Feet is a very natural and normal thing for the groom (as well as the bride)  to get! And since you can already anticipate this situation before hand, it’s your time to prepare the perfect speech that is efficient and gets the job done (which is to make sure, no one is left at the altar and the bride and groom leave the reception as a happy married couple).

Image Courtesy: How I Met Your Mother


#3: Drunken Exes

It is very likely that an ex-flame of either party (bride or groom) can have a few too many drinks and try to sabotage the event; same applies for some nosey and jealous uncles/aunts. In all of these unannounced emergencies, you need to be alert and on your ‘A’ Game. Inform the entire squad to follow protocol and make sure no unnecessary chaos is caused on your watch.

Image Courtesy: NY Wedding Co


#4: Start The Toast

As Best Man, it’s your duty to start off the wedding toasts. And as per the norms, you’re supposed to as charming, charismatic and funny while still being soft and emotional. To write and memorise this perfect toast can be a bit of a task, you can also wing it and just speak from the heart. However, you’re going to set the mood for the rest of the toasts and it ought to be a great one.

Here’s a small checklist we’ve created to help you master the art of giving a toast without boring any guest.

  • Start off with a small joke about the groom (maybe something from his past)
  • Talk about how y’all go way back
  • NEVER, repeat, NEVER mention an ex girlfriend
  • Talk about how the groom is so madly in love with his now-wife
  • Most important, speak of how you saw them fall in love with each other and it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen

And there you have it, the perfect toast!


#5: Don’t Be Afraid To Get REAL

From the point that you are selected as Best Man to the point that the grooms and his new blushing bride have reached their home, safe and still in love, your job is not over. Now, through the wedding functions, the stress will take a toll on the groom and the rapid changes and realness of events may get him to be very deep with you and have some make or break conversations, at those points, you need to make sure that you give the groom the most real and true-to-the-heart advice (you will be held accountable for it for the rest of your life.)

Image Courtesy: How I Met Your Mother


But, above all, it’s your best friend’s wedding! And this doesn’t happen very often, you need show that you’ll always support him and be there for him no matter what! Make sure you’re present in every single moment and you make a ton of crazy mementoes while you’re at it!

No wedding goes smooth sailing, but every wedding has a story to tell!

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Written By: Simran Shah

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