How to dress for the Justin Bieber tour this summer

The Bieber Fever is on, and it’s taken the city by storm. The singing heartthrob is all set to hit Mumbai on the 10th of May at the DY Patil Stadium. He and his entourage will definitely give us a jaw dropping performance and we’re here to make sure you’re dressed right for having the time of your life!

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If you’re in a frenzy as to what to wear to the Purpose tour, we’ve got your back! Here’s a few tips on how you can ace your concert outfit!

Sure, concerts are about being comfortable but they’re also an opportunity to go crazy and wear something bold and trendy. Pick one statement hair piece to rock for the entire concert and you should be good to go! With tons of options in bandanas, headbands and head chains, you can always opt for a chic up do and accessorize it. If you’re more interested in a sick braid up, you can also add some bling to your braids for that extra flair!

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The Stylease scoop: To avoid sweaty and frizzy hair by the end of the day, tie your hair into a ponytail and wrap a bandana around the head to be sweat free but still super trendy. To go all out, opt for an entirely different hair colour all together. Try out a bunch of temporary hair colour options and make your hair the star of your outfit.

It’s no secret that concerts aren’t all about the glam and can be extremely tiresome so a good pair of sneakers is a MUST! And while dressing for a concert, keeping the genre in mind is crucial as well. Justin is famous for his sneaker collection so why not take a page out of his book and style yourself in some cool sneakers? They will not only protect your toes from all the people that will accidentally stamp on your foot (and yes, there will be many) but they’ll also make a great fashion statement.

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The Stylease scoop: Don’t be that person who is complaining about their feet at the event because you decided to wear uncomfortable shoes. Nobody likes a party pooper. So do your feet a favor, let loose and wear some really cool sneakers while you’re at it!

After Kylie’s jaw dropping look at Coachella, everyone’s interested in the fanny pack. When your jam comes on, who wants a big bag dangling on their side making them uncomfortable? Exchange your dull, huge bag for a cute and comfy fanny pack instead! It’s the right size and will carry all your essentials like your phone, a portable charger (WHICH IS A LIFE SAVER) and your wallet.

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The Stylease scoop: If you’re unable to get your hands on a chic holographic fanny pack then a backpack (à la mode) is the way to go! Keep all your things safe and secure and out of your way as you let your hair loose and lose yourself to the rhythm.

Denim shorts, vintage tees and chokers, are the latest trend and we’re jumping on that bangwagon. Although this trend gained a lot of popularity, one can’t deny that it gets the job done! A vintage, distressed band tee with a pair of cut off denim shorts, is a sure shot recipe for perfection. It’s casual and effortless yet completely appropriate for the situation and so young and vibrant. Don’t worry about mixing in with the crowd, you can always put your own twist on an ongoing trend and make it your own!

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The Stylease scoop: To add more oomph to the outfit, choose a distressed over sized band tee over daisy dukes for comfort. If it’s not distressed, you can always DIY it for a cool personal touch. If daisy dukes aren’t your thing then wear it by itself as a dress and voila, you have a perfectly unique outfit.

What better to wear to a JB concert than to have JB’s face on your shirt? With the excitement of Bieber coming to India, a ton of brands have stocked their stores with Bieber merchandise as the answer to all your fangirl prayers. If you’re truly a Belieber and wish to represent the fandom, this is your chance!


The Stylease Scoop: if you’re unable to find the cute graphic tee or if you’re part of the fandom, then Bieber merchandise is the way to go! We love Justin enough to wear his face on our shirts all the day long (since that’s the closest most of us will get to him.)

This was our take on what to wear to the most awaited performance of the year. Follow our tips and have a hand over the rest of the crowd but most importantly ‘Love yourself’ and what you’re wearing because as long as you can dance the evening away and sing ‘Baby’ at the top of your lungs to do the 11 year-old-you justice, that’s all that matters.

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Written by Simran Shah

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