How To Incorporate Pets At Your Wedding

A wedding is a huge part of your life but so are your furry friends! So why leave one behind in search of the other. Since your pets are actually a part of your family, it only seems correct, to be incorporate them in your wedding! Fret not! As we have to put together a bunch of innovative ideas that will help you move forward with this ‘all inclusive-pet friendly’ wedding! Our aim is not only to make our four legged pals feel included but also make them realise that its their time to shine as well! So here are a few tricks to make sure your fur baby is not neglected during the most important celebration of your life, instead he/she can actually play a significant role in it.


#1: Pet Proposal

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Some of you may be late to think of this idea as you’ve probably gone through with your proposal ideas. But for those who haven’t, we cant think of a cuter way to propose than have your very own furry ball of joy do it! Besides, who can possibly say no to those ‘Puppy Dog Eyes.’ It’s a sure bet!


#2: Ring Bear-RAWRR

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We’ve all seen cute little babies being walked down the isle with the precious little rings in their tiny hands. But you know what’s more enchanting (and just as fair)? When you have your pet do it! #DressUpThePup and make sure he gets his time in the limelight as he walks down the isle as the coolest ring bearer of all time.


#3: Pup Photo-Op

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Another place that you can use your pet is at the photobooth! This is the perfect way to make sure that you use your pet’s cute quotient in the most efficient way possible! Besides, why limit your guests from the captivating capacity of your charming lil’ pal! It can be the little one’s time to shine!


#4: Let’s Get Tuff-y

Image Courtesy: Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Lets be real, no one can forget the iconic scene from the classic ‘ Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’ where the white ball of fluff, Tuffy, who successfully won all our hearts and helped young Salman Khan protect his brother’s shoes against the famous Indian ritual. Well,if you have a guard dog or if you are a Bollywood fan in general, it would seem almost unnatural and unfair to not replicate the Tuffy scene!


#5: The Cover-Up

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Apart from adding the perfect touch to your wedding aesthetic, your pet can also double up as the perfect distraction or cover up for the guests, trapping their attention away from any possible mishaps that may occur at the occasion.



Written By: Simran Shah

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