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How To Personalise Your Wedding

Elaborate weddings are a thing of the now, and groom to guest, everyone partakes in them. The ostentatious entry of the couple, the stunning backdrop, the blend of lights and the lavish spread aren’t elements that are forgotten with ease. A typical wedding season exhibits plenty of these though, which is why we believe in customizing certain details of the celebrations to engage the guests on a really personal level.

You could incorporate some of these quirky ideas to add that personalized touch to your wedding, or simply get creative with your partner! Cute little details here and there will make sure your guests remember your wedding as yours, and not one in twenty.


#1: Destination wedding mandate

If an elaborate yet intimate destination wedding or a staycation at a hotel is your style, you could add a lot of personalization there. Luggage tags with guests’ names on them, welcome and thank you notes addressed to each guest to custom made room key cards for your wedding, they’d all make for great wedding souvenirs.

Image Courtesy: Shaadi Saga


#2: Wedding letterhead/monogram

Create a personalized wedding letterhead or monogram that’ll share prominence on your Save-the-Date, your wedding invites, your wedding itinerary, your everything wedding! Blow up the monogram and it’ll serve as a great picture spot at your venue.

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#3: What’s when?

Every Indian wedding needs an itinerary to come with it, and we’d suggest you make one worthy of the souvenir status. Have them in each room of your staycation or send them out with your invites! Ensure the monogram’s presence while incorporating bits and pieces about your story, your family members, etc. Let this be your curated wedding diary where the guests learn ample about you, your story and your immediate family.

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#4: Mixology never fails!

With the help of a mixologist, create signature cocktails for your wedding. Let one be ‘the bride’, for instance. Contradict the mix with a ‘the groom’ and you could have one for ‘the Mr. and Mrs.’. Let the drink recipes be available to guests to bring home a little part of your cocktail night.

Image Courtesy: Wed Me Good


#5: Giveaways are the best!

Allow your photographer to capture candid pictures of your guests, that can then be given away in frames with personalized decals. A bit of your wedding could be sitting in their homes for years.

Image Courtesy: American Signature Gifts


#6: Play with your spread

You could have a ‘bride’s favourite dishes’ spread’ and one for the groom too. Similar to the cocktails, a dish named after each of your families would be fun to try.


#7: Social Media is here to stay

Not putting up a created hashtag for people to post their images with would be a crime today. Come up with a sweet or fun hashtag and put out placards at random spots of your venue! Social media love always feels immensely good.


Owing to the number of people you’d be occupied meeting and greeting, it’s pretty endearing if you could stay connected with the guests through a little personalization.


Written By: Shilpa Mago

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