Part 1 – The Woman’s Guide

It’s the picturesque prelude to your perfect wedding and you can hardly wait! As a hundred dreams of your happily ever after all culminate to your big day – you’ve got to cross this one off the list.

Yes, we’re talking about your pre-wedding photo shoot – a repertoire of magical moments you get to create and keep forever. Whether you use this for save the date invites, your wedding website or just to keep up with your spammer status on instagram – no modern day wedding is complete without this drill.

Picking the right outfits for your series of pre-wedding photos can be a daunting task. Remember, these are going to last you a lifetime. You will unravel to generations of your family and friends what you capture on this day, so keep it classy, keep the story true and most of all make it a reflection of you!

Here are a few tips and tricks to go about your shoot the Stylease way:


#1: Comfort is key

Rent: Rs. 1,500

Photo shoots are all about cliché poses – reliving your favourite movie scenes or chapters from your favourite romantic novel.

No matter what location you choose from a traditional palace to a beach or even a busy city street – make sure you can manoeuvre easy in your outfit so your clothes aren’t a restraint to the story you want to tell.

Striking in its soaring silhouette but yet easy, breezy with your hands free – this embroidered crop top and contrasting skirt by is just ideal. With a high neck that adds drama to your sunset shot and vibrant colour to make you stand out as the center of attention – we suggest you wear this with our pearl studded tops and keep your hair up to maximise the magic.


#2: Timeless Treasure

Rent: Rs. 9.500

These shots are sure to find place in a keepsake album and you’ll have copies in every household that is related to you. Every time you see these photos, they will give you the same goosebumps you had when you first took them. Hence you should keep the outfit timeless above all! – You don’t want to wear a hot outfit which looks dated in 10 years.

This gorgeous Stylease Exclusive Gold & White Embroidered Lehenga set is a perfect pick with that in mind. Traditional as it is timeless, you can’t go wrong with the colour and cut of this one.

In the heavy embroidered category, this outfit also gives you the limelight you deem as the bride – so wear it with a confident smile and stay eternally in style.


#3: Colour Coordinating is our favourite filter

Rent: Rs. 4.500

The best piece of advice and one that could make or break the vibe of your photos are the colours you choose to complement each other! Beware – we are not saying to match point on, cause that’s kind of outdated and a bit too cheesy! But you definitely want to choose a similar palette so the scenery is seamless and you look perfect for each other.

Whether it’s both picking pastels or gingham or stripes or floral – aligning colours and patterns is key.

We’ve picked out some great solid colour and simple pattern options for you to consider! Our turmeric double-layered anarkali gown, Orange Gown With Pearl work or Sonaakshi Raaj’s Sky Blue Saree are all great picks to muse your heart out over.


#4: Keep the canvas colorful!

Rent: Rs. 2,500

We are in strong favour of photos that reek of an adrenaline rush – while we don’t recommend taking fashion risks with these photos, we certainly encourage making them bright and beautiful with a punch of colour.

Black and grey might be your thing but those really won’t shine against celestial backgrounds and while stargazing in each other’s eyes. Pick something that boasts of bold colours that make you smile when you sift through them again.

The Stylease Orange Asymmetrical gown or our twisted front-knot deep pink gown do just the trick for this. They even give room for fun props like floral wreaths or reflector shades.


#5: Tradition is the misson

Rent: Rs. 5,500

In between all the hassles and tassels of planning, the saga of celestial backgrounds and uncensored poses – don’t forget that your wedding is still a sacred tradition that you must treasure for all time.

Your pre-wedding shoot hence cannot be complete without a classic, Indian traditional outfit that tells stories of ageless craftsmanship and eternal love.

If your location is a busy setting – go with something slight toned down like our Suneet Varma gota anarkali set. If it’s serene and low-key like the mountainside or a deserted fort – put on our busy Vasansi pink & Sea green gota lehenga to light up the set with a lust-worthy piece.


Pre-wedding shoots look like a scene right out of a movie. So seize the chance to tell your story – to be the princess and prince charming of your very own fairytale!

Rent out your favourite Stylease pick today.



Written By: Aradhana Mahtani

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