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Amidst the clear chaos of everything that happens in our nation, there is something, a huge number of people have been fighting for, a mere ten letter word may not seem to be so heavy but ACCEPTANCE is a real thing. The LGBTQIA Lives is India or to those who still aren’t familiar, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual community has been negotiating their place in society since more than a decade. Not to mention the Pride Parade’s that happen every year without any negligence across metropolitan cities. The recent victory of the decriminalization of section 377 of the IPC has boiled down the hustle-bustle and imbibed a sense of hope in these amazing beings! But we are here to talk about how these people make our lives awesome by just existing. Below mentioned are few changes that have occured in our fashion and lifestyle in accordance with the LGBTQIA babies.

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We are pretty sure that you are familiar with androgyny, but allow us to tell you the perks of it. It is because of the many LGBT bloggers and brave, oh so brave speakers that clothes have seem to become GENDERLESS. Men who have embraced their feminine sides have bestowed themselves with the beautiful jewelry and the jaw-dropping clothes that go undoubtedly well on them. Be it crop tops, skirts, Indian or Western outfits, cardigans, shoes or heels or leggings for that matter of fact. The same goes for women who choose to wear boy pants, shirts, three piece suits, anything that makes them even the slightest bit masculine. This revolution is something you’ve never seen before. They are breaking stereotypes and you can’t stop them!

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If you haven’t noticed the colors yet, if you haven’t seen the range of beautiful colors that have surrounded you, we need to ask you, Are you living under a rock? Because these courageous souls don’t favor any particular color, the rainbow being an ideal example. They are all about colors, colors that you like, colors that you dislike, colors that you probably would have never heard of. If you ever believed that no one can rock yellow pants or pink shirts or a purple lipstick with unicorn themed make up, you are wrong. Colors are everything, they have changed the way people look at fashion today. If you feel the need to stand out and be out loud, you have got to pick the color and the clothes for it. Moreover when all of your vicinity is so colorful, how does your life not get happier?!?!?!?!

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Fashion now has become a statement. It stands for what you stand for. You don’t just wear an outfit, you wear it with a reason. If they have disliked you for having an opinion of your own, they are going to dislike you more (hyterical laughing). It is because of the LGBTQIA cuties, fashion has become home for so many of us. We reside in clothes, we adore them, care for them and in return they add value to who we are and what we do in this world. They become a crucial part of our identity. The colors and the clothes you wear speak volumes about you, they allow you to the right to self-expression and you are known for something you have carried flawlessly and with absolute grace.

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LGBTQIA people don’t care if you are a guy wearing a water or a girl dressed as a so called ‘TomBoy’. They don’t mind if your hair is colored or you’re bald and pierced, you lipstick is glittery or your make up is gothic. You could be a trans embracing both sides of you beauty or choosing one. Let’s not forget that you could be someone who doesn’t feel anything about anyone. It is all fine. They become home for you all. There is no rule but once, acceptance and inclusiveness. They realize that each one of us strives for belongingness and when deprived of it, looks for an escape. We cannot put into words how beautiful these souls are they would reciprocate so much love if you wish to give. If you ever feel left out or judged for your choices and decisions or just the way you live, just find a friend in them. Remember, Acceptance, Inclusiveness and sensitivity is the key to it.

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The most significant and joysome lesson that our LGBTQIA buddies teach us is that love is all that matters. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you do, love will always be here at the receiving end. They only care about spreading positivity, understanding each other and the baggage that we carry and how important it is for us to feel safe, happy and belonged, all at the same time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that love is all over the place when you’re around them. When section 377 of the IPC was decriminalized, it gave people a sense of hope that justice still exists. That there is a greater future of compassion, understanding and love and the joy of building a home for all.

Although it’s pretty unfair to call it a battle, but first being ostracized and then fighting against the mentality of a majority to get your place back almost sounds like a war. Fortunately, it’s the one without weapons. We need to realize that the time we call these people a community, we have already taken the first step to discriminate them from us. They are just as special as we are and their lives matter equally much to ours. Let’s not forget to here to the point that they were being subjected to brutality and made feel like criminals and subordinates to others, which they are not. The question we need to ask ourselves is, why are we so scared to accept them? They are fabulous, flamboyant and flawless, what’s not to adore? Maybe it’s a long way to glory and we are all game and your best allies.

Above all, Love Wins. Always. Till then, Happy Pride Month to you all!

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