Reasons To Have Your Wedding Dress Custom-Made

“Say Yes To The Dress or Make The Dress?” that is the question. Don’t worry, we’re here to clear the dilemma and help you move forward with the correct option! #TeamCustom

Here’s a few reasons as to why you should have your wedding dress custom made!


#1: No More Store Hunting

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We all know that finding the perfect dress is not an easy task at all. And it requires a lot of store survey. Even if you do fall in love with the first option that you see, your heart won’t be at ease until you’ve gone through all the other options just to make sure you’ve made the right decision. And that is actually the better end of the stick! God forbid, if you’re on the other, then it’ll probably take you a couple months and all of your patience to actually find the perfect dress.

On the other hand, if you decide to get it custom made, you don’t need to pull out your hair and head out of every store with disappointment! Instead, you can head on to one place that can fulfil all your desires and save you so much TIME and ENERGY.

PS: those are the two secret ingredients that’ll prevent you from turning into Bridezilla!


#2: Myth Busted!

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Most often, custom made wedding dresses aren’t popular amongst young brides since their prices are rumoured to be sky-rocketing. This myth is about to be busted. Reality check coming in, wedding outfits, especially for a bride, don’t come cheap in any store. Instead if you pick an upcoming designer to get your wedding dress custom made, not only do you get to co-design the  dress of your dreams but you can get it for a cheaper price!


#3: It’s YOU in a dress

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There’s no surprise there, when you get your dress custom made, it basically represents you. And your style will stick out. The best part is, because it’s custom made, you’re the only one in the entire world that can have that dress and that’s ought to make a girl feel a little extra special. On the other hand, if you design your wedding dress, you can formulate a strategy, where in you can use different parts of your wedding outfit, for example the ‘blouse’ or ‘dupatta’ or the ‘lehenga’ and make each piece versatile , so as to use it again. Let’s be real, if we’re going to spend a fortune on a single outfit, we deserve more than one wear out of it.


#4: Weave your dress around your jewelry

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Sometimes, it’s also possible, that as a bride, your outfit isn’t what you want to be the most impactful on your wedding day! It could be some form of jewellery that could’ve been gifted to you by your in-laws, and it’s customary to wear it on the auspicious day, in that case, make your jewellery ( whether it’s a headgear or a necklace or bangles or a nose accessory ) the highlight of your outfit.  If you go to a store to buy an attire worthy of being worn by a bride, still not too overpowering since it’s not the star of your look, good luck spending weeks before finally giving up. Instead , opt for a custom made dress where you can find the perfect blend between subtle, elegant and powerful.


#5: Last Minute Changes

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As ‘Bride Wars’ said “You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera.”

As a bride, you’re bound to gain a few pounds or even lose a few, who knows! Stress can do a lot of things. It may also happen that you wanted to incorporate a last minute touch to your look. Maybe your “something blue” or maybe your late grandmother’s treasured silk silhouette or a family heirloom that you want to include in your special day.

In either case, be it the fit of the dress or a last minute addition, having your dress custom made, can free you of both the worries. Just one call  can have all your troubles taken care of!


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Written By: Simran Shah

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