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The New IT Thing For Your Wedding – The Bridesmaids Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots have risen in priority in the last decade or so. It’s a brilliant idea too! Let’s talk about this list of mandatory things to do before you tie the knot. Taking pictures is our way of documenting our moments till they become memories to look back on, and everybody loves to have a glimpse of what they looked like together whilst the big day was approaching. We believe these pictures need to capture a lot more than the just the bride and groom.

Those few days before you actually sit down there to be married off into your new world, the team of people that stick by you are your bridesmaids. From helping out with the wedding arrangements to last minute shopping trips, and from making your sangeet a memorable one to reminiscing old memories with you while you tear up, they’re there!

You don’t want to miss out on capturing some amazing pictures with these girls, do you? After all, it’s the people around you that make your wedding a celebration, else it would merely be a couple reciting promises to each other.

Bridesmaids’ photo shoots are a thing of the now, and we hope this trend never fades.

Your bridesmaids surely include a couple of sisters/cousins, your childhood bffs and some friends you made along the way. The days leading upto your wedding is the one time each of your girls swear to get along with each other, and it’s all for you. Moments when your older sister finds common ground with your college partner in crime, cannot be neglected!

Bridesmaid shoots are getting creative by the wedding, and it’s pretty crucial you keep up!


Colour coordinated bridesmaids with you standing out makes the perfect shot. However clichéd some of the pictures may be, those are the ones you’ll love looking back on!


Get your bridesmaids to wear the same attire with a catchy and relevant phrase about your wedding!

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Every bridesmaid deserves a solo shot as well! Infact, framing these individually would make great giveaways from the bride to her support system.


Placards are never going to stop being fun! Use them creatively in your shoot.

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If you’re getting married as per a certain tradition, pick another one to have your photoshoot in.

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Get creative with your shoot, personalize it, make it the most memorable day for yourself and your bridesmaids. You guys deserve the fun that comes with it amidst the wedding prep chaos.


Written By: Shilpa Mago

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