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The Ultimate Wedding Gift For Your Lady

Could any gift ever be good enough for the woman of your dreams who is not only the most charismatic and kick ass boss lady but also the living truth of everything you ever wished for? Probably not.

But you can always try to soar high and aim at gifting the perfect token, maintaining the correct balance between ‘thoughtful’ and ‘elegance.’

For a girl, it’s always been about a planning the perfect wedding. But for the boy, it’s about finding the perfect bride! So, men! Take note of the exclusive and enchanting gifts that are worthy of your blushing bride!


#1: A Day Off

Image Courtesy: Luxpresso (Four Seasons Spa, Mumbai)

The most underrated yet necessary way of showing appreciation to your bride-to-be is by gifting her a day off! Who doesn’t love a day of ethereal and absolute relaxation, especially during one of the most stressful times of their life!

You need to show your girl a little TLC, some tender love and care right before the big day, and that is certain to earn you brownie points!


#2: Classic Bedazzled Regalia

Image Courtesy: Cartier
Image Courtesy: Nirav Modi

Don’t be afraid to make this a diamond studded encounter! Marilyn Monroe said it, and we’ll repeat it, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” There’s really not much that could possibly go wrong with that.


#3: The Devil Wears Prada

Image Courtesy: Neiman Marcus (Fendi)


Image Courtesy: Jomashop (Omega)

The devil wears Prada and so should the love of your life! This spot is open to anything luxury. From a timeless timepiece such as the Omega Constellation Collection, to the latest studded plexiglass Fendi shoulder bag. The opportunities are limitless!


#4: SEA ya soon!


With all the crazy wedding planning and shopping that you and your future wife had to put up with, you both deserve some time out. It’s easy to forget about each other while planning something on such a large scale, so treat yourselves to a date overlooking the sea , ON A YACHT! Miles away from all the hustle and chaos, a night and your significant other, just to yourself.


#5: Tequila Mockingbird

Image Courtesy: Uncommon Goods (Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses)

Do you know what the most popular food at a wedding is? Alcohol.

Do you know what the bride needs to calm her nerves before the wedding?

(Although alcohol may not be the answer to everything, it is to this one.)

Let your lady let loose and show off to her friends the most enviable bar accessories.



We hope this post successfully ended your quest for the ideal gift for your ideal mate.

Let us know which gift you decided to pick in the comment section below!


Written By: Simran Shah



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