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Things to keep in mind while buying your bridal jewelry

When it comes to picking the bridal jewelry, that’s exactly the point when the bride has her bridezilla moment. Going bridal jewelry shopping is a task when there’s your family involved in it too. It’s not just you who has to like and select the jewelry but the entire family! There are some rules that are better broken than followed when you go bridal jewelry shopping. Real brides and bride-to-be crack the deal on how to not lose your calm while shopping.
Out of the many beautiful things in a marriage, one crucial inevitable factor is what the bride wears, not the gown silly! The Jewels. We are talking about the jewels. They are just as important as the lilies and the food and the music playlist that will play at your wedding. Hence, we went beyond what jewelry to wear, the deeper significance of it lies in why you wear it? What the story behind this beautiful necklace or those pair of earrings that are breathtaking?
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 Bride 1: Yardly Elizabeth, a bride-to-be says “Go for minimal jewelry which could enhance your look in your wedding attire, for which you have spent so much rather than loading yourself with ornaments. Never listen to your old school relatives, who believe in filling your upper body with ornaments. It’s your big day, you decide. However, if you are a fan of heavy jewelry I would suggest you buy detachable ones. This way when required you can detach the jewelry to wear on smaller occasions.”
Pro tip: When you go jewelry shopping, just take your parents and siblings!
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Bride 2: Shalaka Sunny, says “My main criteria while buying my wedding jewelry was that after paying so much I don’t want it be lying in my cupboard forever. So prefer pieces that you can re-wear and is versatile. If you want to buy it for an investment, then you can go ahead and buy chunky pieces that you will probably not even wear for any occasion. If you intend to use them again, then buy simple pieces and layer them. Since my main criteria were reusing my jewelry as I wanted to have fun at the wedding and not think twice about the jewelry while moving around or dancing or even during the rituals.”
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Bride 3: Larissa Fernandes, a bride recently married says, “Make sure that everything seems in sync.” following that she gave us three tips while choosing jewelry. The first tip is to not wear a heavy necklace if you don’t want it to steal your gown’s/ lehenga’s thunder. The second tip is to “Keep it simple, or wear what you feel like.”  The third tip is, Be comfortable. Choose an outfit which is comfortable for you, make sure that it doesn’t bother you throughout your big day. Simplicity, elegance and a beautiful smile is the best jewelry you can wear. Remember, let nothing outshine you.

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Bride 4:  Annet Thomas, a soon to be bride mentioned that shopping for jewelry is an adventure altogether. It’s something the entire family is enthusiastic about. She majorly emphasized on the fact that the jewelry has to have some coordination with the hair, the make-up, and the outfit. It should all look like it was meant to be together. Also, with traditional looks, you can opt for armbands, waistband, anklets.

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Bride 5: Deepika Sinha, a bride who recently got married talked about how some jewelry is more than just an ornament. More like a hand me down thing, more of it is passed on from the family. Jewelry holds greater meaning when it is given to you by someone, mother, mother-in-law or sister. Your big day just gets bigger with such beautiful stories attached to it.

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Bride 6: Neha Sodhi, a bride says “It’s always better to decide your budget before you set out for jewelry shopping so that you don’t splurge more than required. People say it’s best to buy what is in trend but fail to realize just like the previous trends even the current one will go out of fashion one day.”

a bride wearing a beautiful customized diamond and ruby set for her wedding day
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Bride 7: Binayesha Patel said, “In case if the showroom you buy the jewelry from offers customization option, you could opt of it only if you have ample time. I personally don’t prefer colored jewelry as I feel it doesn’t go with everything. Also jewelry with stones as they have no resale value.”

Shine brighter than your jewels!

Written by: Rahul Bamane & Shweta Mathew


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