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No, it’s not about Game of Thrones, but it’s for sure about the winter that’s coming and we are here to prepare you for it just like GOT. Winter is winter, irrespective of the city you’re in, but what makes a difference is how you go about in the cold. Who said fashion was only made for the summers and the beaches? Winter is when you need more of fashion and probably layers of it. Winter for the countries in the north looks more aesthetic with the snow around and the dried trees who probably have the last leaf falling off. Winter in all its practicality is different for tropical nation’s like is. Fashion becomes less of a statement medium when we look at it through a seasonal perspective.

It’s extremely significant that you focus on the colors you wear, black most importantly for the color of course and the fact that it gives warmth in the cold. Colors like mustard yellow and red that are vibrant and look appealing in the weather and hazy surroundings. Following mentioned are winter wears for both men and women, these are essentials when you are out there in the chills.

#1: Boots

different types of boots kept on snow
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These come first on our list of essentials because nobody wants their feet to freeze in the cold. Boots become extremely important firstly they are fit for most terrains and they help you keep your feet warm. It is understood that you ought to wear warm socks inside and then go on with the boots. The most common colors that are worn in the winters are black and brown. It is very rare that you’ll find someone wearing, light brown or grey or a completely different color. Boots, vary in terms of length and style. There is a range of variety especially for women when it comes to boots, the ones that are elevated, those which are not, few which are fury and other which have a leather material. Boots become a major part of your outfit, they surely make a difference in your all over look!

#2: Jackets and Coats

models in trendy jackets and coats of different styles
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The best thing about winters are the jackets and coats, they are what you brag about and what is mostly seen of you. Leather jackets, are an eye-catcher, mostly found in black, brown, sand-brown colors. Leather jackets, bring you the cool quotient. Its almost like leather jackets were meant for winters! Another part of this are the coats, trench coats which come under the wide category of overcoats. Overcoats are usually heavy and they just hit above the ankle. Trench coats stand out since they are double-breasted, full cut and coordinating belt. You can choose between either of these. Both jackets and coats are in the essentials!

#3: Scarves and beanie

a cute pink scarf and beanie set
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These are the cutest of all, a range of colors to choose from and the different types. We’d suggest you to go for beanie’s that are made of woolen material and scarfs as well. Nowadays we also find scarfs which are inspired through fan fiction books and movies, these two parts of your entire outfit are seen seamlessly and come to sight, first. There are knitted beanie hat-scarf sets available on almost all online shopping websites. Some beanie’s come with a ponytail, some without, you are free to choose!

#4: Cardigans

women in fashionable cardigans
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If you are out there to slay, cardigans are your thing. The major difference between a jacket and a cardigan is that the cardigan is knitted usually and has an open end. They are commonly, baggy and long (knee length) and sometimes fit to your body. Mostly cardigans don’t have buttons, moreover they are compact, one of the reasons why they are slowly replacing jackets! By the way, Cardigans are just as stylish as jackets are!

#5: Thermal wear

thermal wear in black
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It is needless to mention that this is what keeps us alive in the coldest of the places. Thermal wear is a must. It really is a life-saver when it comes to finding warmth. Thermal wear for both men and women is available in different sizes, not to forget the kids as well! These form the first layer in our body while you’re wearing them along with your outfits. Don’t dare to go out in the cold with just your casual outfit.

Fashion comes at no cost in winter. It keeps you warm let’s you make a statement and have a style quotient, all at the same time. These are essentials for the winter that has already come, don’t forget to wear thermal wear clothes beneath the actual wear. Don’t let the cold get to you. Boots, jackets, scarfs and cardigans are only friends for months. Why not befriend them?

We know the cold never bothered you anyway, but don’t forget the life saving lip balm, moisturisers, thermal flask and obviously a torch to always keep you safe!

Written by: Rahul Bamane

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