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Most of us associate monsoon with staying indoors, in particular, because when it’s pouring outside no one wants to make plans! Monsoon also reminds us of those gloomy school days when our mums would dress us up in our cartoon raincoats, umbrellas and not to forget the ugly black Bata rainy shoes! Growing up, things changed a lot from shopping for funky umbrellas to cute rainy shoes.

Rainy sandals have these superpowers to change the whole mood of your look of the day! Investing in good rainy shoes is something you wouldn’t regret later! Here are some of our favorite picks for this gloomy season:

#1: Sliders

a pink slider sandal for women
Image Courtesy: urbanoutfitters

Sliders are easy to wear and really comfortable monsoon shoes that one can spot on anyone this season! You can wear them with casuals like a T-shirt and denim and you are good to go!

#2: Boots

pinks boots with pink umbrella
Image Courtesy: ste.india.com

Owning a rainy boot is like a one-time investment that you will use for the rest of your life! Boots are classic that never goes out of fashion and can be worn anytime and anywhere! You can pair them with a mini denim skirt or jeans, you will slay the look no matter what!

#3: Jelly Sandals

pink jelly sandals
Image Courtesy: payless

Jelly sandals have been here for a while and they don’t seem like they are going out of fashion any time soon.

#4: Transparent mules

transparent rainy sandals with flowers
Image Courtesy: theindianwire

If you are a millennial then you have probably grown up wearing these transparent rainy sandals for a long time. They come in shades of nude, blue and black colors.

#5: Platform Sandals

black platform sandals
Image Courtesy: asos

Planning to attend a party after work but you have already spent a lot of time deciding what to wear and have no time to spend on footwear? Opt for these platform sandals that are perfect for the day as well as the night!

#6: Slip-Ons

two slip on rainy sandals in black and dark blue colour
Image Courtesy: metro-shoes

Are you always on the run? Always hopping from here to there then slip ons are the best footwear you can choose on the go!

#7: Crocs

3 crocs in pink, white and black colour and a black croc sandal in black colour
Image Courtesy: croc

You can trust Crocs like the back of your hand. They have very fewer chances of tearing and will be there with you for a long time.

#8: Oxford shoes

oxford sandals for rainy season
Image Courtesy: toasted couture

Oxford shoes are timeless. For an evening date where you plan to wear a dress, opt for these oxford shoes for a retro vibe!

#9: Chunky Sandals

a pale pink sandal
Image Courtesy: amazon

We all have these set of shoes set aside for monsoon in our shoe wardrobes which we only use when it’s monsoon. Chunky sandals are one of those which look really cute with so many different colors.

Don’t let your monsoon woes dampen your spirit and enjoy the rains with super cool, comfy and trendy rainy footwear that will keep you up on your style game!

Written by: Shweta Sunny

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