Trousseau Must-Haves For Every Bride

The biggest shopping spree of an Indian girl’s life is the one right before her wedding. This is one tradition our generation doesn’t seem to oppose, for good reason too. Our trousseau includes everything, from hair accessories to footwear. It’s the rebirth of our wardrobe.

As fun as it is, this entire shopping extravaganza can be a tad bit overwhelming. When do you know you’ve bought enough? How do you know if you’re missing out on something? There’ll always be minor blunders and the ‘what ifs’ you notice once you’re married.

Well, there’s no list set in stone but take it from a recently married girl, there are a couple of outfits you absolutely need in the first couple of months.


#1: The first time you go back to your parents’ house

Rent: Rs. 4,500

Traditionally called Satawra or Pug Phere in different families, you’re expected to ‘look like’ a newly wed when you go back to your parents’ for the first time.

Our collection on Style Ease has a range of outfits to choose from! Our personal favourite for this overwhelming visit to your parents’ house has to be the Pink & Orange Net Anarkali.


#2: Bar Night with Friends

Rent: Rs. 3,500

Your friends are going to want to take you guys out to celebrate and all eyes will be on you’ll. The attention doesn’t stop with the last wedding function. It all comes back when you’re home from the honeymoon.

You need some dressy tops, jumpsuits and dresses for these nights. Don’t forget the bag and shoes! This is the one time with your friends, everything you wear will be noticed.


#3: Dinner or night out with his cousins

Rent: Rs. 3,500

He too will have a bunch of cousins that hang out together. You don’t want to come off boring here simply because you’re too conscious about dressing modestly. The key is to find that balance and stick to your personal style.

These nights need dressy playsuits/jumpsuits or full length dresses.


#4: Formal Dinners by the Relatives


Rent: Rs. 5,000

These are surely coming your way. You need to stock up on formal dinner wear ranging from a sari to a prim full length dress. Stitching the blouses when you actually need them after marriage is a good idea, but don’t forget to carry atleast two ready ones.

Stock up on semi- formal indo-western wear like pallazos with a stiff long kurta or cigarette pants with a long open ethnic jacket.


#5: Your first festivals like your Teejri or Karwachauth

Rent: Rs. 15,500

This will be your stock of day colours. Your first festivals are all quite important for both sides of the family.

Karwachaut is one day after your wedding, where you tend to doll up bride-like.

We have the perfect outfit for you!


#6: Poojas

Rent: Rs. 2,000

You never know when a pooja comes your way. Always be prepared with some Indian wear for a short notice paath or maata ki chawki.

Go with lighter hues. The key is to not be over the top every time. Subtlety too grabs attention.


#7: Your First Diwali

Rent: Rs. 5,500

Diwali is big deal in every family in India. You need outfits for poojas in office, for poojas at home and to go meet your family in. A fiery orange/red always does the trick!


Simply go with your gut and let your outfit present your style! Don’t forget – confidence is the most attractive accessory.


Written By: Shilpa Mago

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