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Untold things every bridesmaid should know

Every girl during her teen years has promised her then BFF (consider yourself lucky if she’s still your BFF), that she can be her bridesmaid at her wedding. It’s like if you have got that commitment then the friendship is for real! Being a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding is what every girl wishes to be and she can’t wait to stand beside her while she takes the vow on the biggest day of her life.

Hold on, being a bridesmaid isn’t all that fancy as it seems to look like. If you think the only job you have got to do is be with her through all the wedding shopping, dilemma and fun…you are living in a cocoon baby doll! Bridesmaid means being with her through all the drama, meltdowns, bullshit, and so many other things.

You gotta be there for her in all the unsaid ways. Here are a few things you need to know before gearing up to take that role:

#1: When everything else fails, be there for her

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Brace yourselves for a lot of drama even if you are a no-drama person. Wedding planning can get a lot more dramatic and can take a lot of twists and turns, it’s never a smooth journey. They can get ugly as well when things don’t go as planned. Through all of this, the last person she can count on is YOU and you got to live up to her expectations.

#2: Get ready for a lot of expenses

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Give it a thought before you accept this beautiful offer because being a bridesmaid involves spending money on a lot of unplanned expenses like the bridal shower, bridesmaid dresses and the list goes on. If you are not in a financially stable place right now then might as well rethink before you say yes to being the bridesmaid and leave it in the last minute.

#3: It’s not always about you

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There are going to be other bridesmaids that means she is close to more people like you and that’s completely okay. Not always she is gonna involve you in the important decision-making process and you got to understand this and not make a fuss about it. Be cooperative in all the situations even if the rebel inside you can’t withstand it. It can be petty issues like bridesmaid dresses, the bridal shower or anything of that sort.

#4: Gang up with the rest of the bridesmaid squad

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Instead of envying each other, how about making a squad whose goal for the next few months is to keep that one beautiful bride happy and making her last spinster days fun! We can’t assure you if the friendship might last or not but one thing is for sure, the memories you make here are going to last a lifetime.

#5: It’s your responsibility to loosen her up

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Sometimes, things can go south and especially when you least expect it. Maybe you both are having fun, chugging down beer at a bar and celebrating when the food caterers call in to cancel their service at the last minute. You gotta know how to handle things in such situations. Sometimes, she may get hyped up about something that makes little or no difference and it’s your responsibility to loosen her up and make her understand.

#6: Take over things when necessary

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The rule is to not go overboard with this step. The wedding day is going to be hectic above everything else, trust us when we say this. Taking over her phone on the D-day will be a relief to her and answering all the calls and text messages from guests is like being her guardian angel. There are so many roles embedded in being a bridesmaid, you got to be her best friend, sister, counselor and above all her mother! Make sure she eats food on the wedding day and stays hydrated throughout the day will mean a lot to her.

#7: Lend her a hand even if she doesn’t ask for it

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Not all of us think we need help and ask for it even when we actually need it. Ask her if she needs help and even if she says no, stay by her side through everything. Every little effort and things matter when there’s so much going around.

Written by: Shweta Sunny


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