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  1. The policy(s) mentioned below governs the return of Order(s) for product(s) ordered by you as the user of the '' web portal having domain name ("Return Policy") while renting Product(s). By mere using, accessing, browsing or availing any service or good of the site the user has to abide by the return policy. The return policy(s) is applied post-delivery of the product(s) and 4 days after the return of the product(s).
  2. The reference of "you" or "User" or "User's" in the policy mentioned below is of you the User of the Site and the reference of "we" "us" "our" or "the Site Owner" is for "".
  3. Failure of the User to return the Product by the specified date shall invite a daily penalty of 5% of the retail value of the Product.
  4. The Product(s) shall be returned to the Site Owner in the same packaging in which it was delivered.
  5. The product(s) shall be handed over only to the person authorized by the Site Owner for the purpose of returns.
  6. The Product(s) shall be properly packed and sealed. If the Product(s) is/are being returned without the assistance of the person authorized by the Site Owner, then any damage sustained during such return shall be the sole liability of the User.